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+ 6% on level one referrals

+ 2% on level one referrals

+ 1% on level one referrals

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How it works

An easy way to increase your hashrate, mine more bitcoins and show others the same opportunity. Invite new users via your personal referral link and get shares on the hashpower bought by the users. Build your own network and invite multiple users to increase your shares and passively mine more Bitcoins. You will also receive additional shares that follow the same pattern once your referred user also invites someone else and they do the same as well. Our service offers a referral system up to a 3rd level.

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Up to 9% referral share on your personal referral link

Three-level referral system explained

After your registration you will see your personal referral link in our dashboard which you can now send to your friends and acquaintances. With the help of our freely available advertising material, you can also invite new users on platforms of your choice.

Level One + 6%

The first level are direct invitations who joined our platform through your link. If these invited users acquire hashpower, you will receive a percentage of +6% on their hashpower. This applies to every further purchase that your invited user should make.

Level Two + 2%

Should your invited user now follow the same procedure and also recruit further people via his own referral link, you will receive a further partial commission of +2% on the hashpower of your recruited user's invitations.

Level Three + 1%

Just like level 2, the same concept follows yet another and final level. You invite someone directly, who invites someone else, who also invites someone else. This would be the 3rd level and you receive a Hahspower percentage of +1%.