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What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining? How does it work?

Say goodbye to your own hardware: With cloud mining, resources for mining cryptocurrencies can be booked. The mining of cryptocurrencies works according to a transparent scheme: Coins are generated by solving computational tasks with the corresponding computer power, and miners are then rewarded. Of course, this works on specially purchased, powerful hardware. Our service acquires hardware from market leaders in miner offerings and modifies it, which results in significantly increasing the hashrate. Unfortunately, for competitive reasons, we cannot go into more detail about our in-house technology, which (we assume) could be revolutionary for the entire industry.

How can I get free hashpower?

After registration, you will be awarded 950 GH/s of hashpower, which will directly generate new Bitcoins for you. This gift is free and one time only with no terms and conditions.

How can I purchase hashpower?

Purchase new hashpower easily after registration. Navigate to the "Purchase" page in our dashboard and select a freely configurable hashrate that you would like to purchase. Send the specified amount of Bitcoins to the specified Bitcoin address and wait a few minutes for the transaction to complete. The hashpower will then be added to your account immediately, activated and mining will start.

Why is the purchase of hashpower by Bitcoins delayed?

As soon as you send Bitcoin, your transaction is immediately sent to the Bitcoin network. At that moment, the entire network knows about your transaction. However, your transaction still needs to be verified. This is done by users on the network, who we call nodes and miners.
Has your transaction been verified and approved? Then it is added to the blockchain. Your transaction then ends up in a block in the blockchain along with other transactions. At this moment, your transaction is finally processed in the blockchain.
On average, a block is added to the blockchain every ten minutes. When your transaction is found in a block, it has a confirmation. A confirmation means that your transaction has been confirmed in the blockchain. Your transaction is in the newest block on the blockchain.

How can I get additional hashpower?

There are two ways to get additional hashpower at our service. The first option would be to buy new hashpower with the generated bitcoins (earnings) / to book or exchange them directly. We recommend this option, as there would be no delays or fees incurred by the Bitcoin network.
The second option would be to use our affiliate network. Simply invite new users via your Refferal link to our service and wait until they have acquired Hashpower or use our affiliate network themselves. You will then receive a percentage of the active hashpower of your invited users. We offer you a 3-level referral system.

Are there any limits or fees?

We have tried to set the best limits and lowest fees for you. With success! Our mining center is active around the clock and generates bitcoins before hashpower is assigned to a user. This efficient solution gives us and you a lot of freedom:

  • Min purchase price: 0.001
  • Max purchase price: 10
  • No withdrawal limits
  • No maintenance or service fees